About Us

Gamrly was created for millions of people looking to find their professional esports path across the globe.

Our Mission

To create an easy, secure way for people to connect and to aid in the growth and maturity of esports by providing our users with the network, tools, and features to further their esports career.

Note From The Founders

We never started with what we wanted to build. We started with why we wanted to build it.

Our decisions are simpler, trust is a common currency, and innovation thrived. If we always start with why we created Gamrly we can do more than boost esports into mainstream society. We can make it grow. We wake up every day with a sense of why we come to work. Why we push to take the best examples of progress and nurture them into something greater. Are we better than our competition? If you believe in what we believe, and you believe that the things we do can help you fulfill that belief? Then yes, we’re better. We are looking for people to stand shoulder to shoulder with us in pursuit of that same goal. We choose to inspire, not manipulate. We choose to give those with true talent a seat at the table and become the best you can at what you aspire to be.

At Gamrly, we use our values as guiding principles for our tools, innovation, and focus to give the esports market a guiding light for all participants large or small. We believe the first step to success is getting noticed and in turn we want to inspire those who inspired us. We believe that amazing talent exists in the realms of the unknown begging to be discovered. We believe that like all budding talent, they need support and direction to guide them down a path of achievement.

We trust our gut with providing likeminded users with a platform that doesn’t only solve existing problems and pains in esports, but ensures the community stands together as a whole to reinforce what made esports growth thrive in the first place. A competitive drive and passion for success.

In traditional sports people often mention the next Michael Jordan, the next Lebron James. At Gamrly we don’t just want to see the next Fatal1ty, the next Sadokist, or the next Jason Lake. We want to see the esport kings of content creation and production value. We want to see our users push Esports higher than ever before by becoming leaders in their respective fields. Learn what it takes from the best, capture your own audience and become the maker of your own success. We don’t just believe in esports, we believe in what makes it great in the first place. The players and fans that keep building the cathedral into something truly incredible.

Welcome to our vision.  Welcome to Gamrly.


-Travis and Jonathan, Co-Founders


Travis Mason, Co-Founder and CEO of Gamrly, is a dedicated entrepreneur, Esports fanatic, and visionary for a better future. When problems arise, Travis creates solutions. When solutions are proposed, they are perfected. Since 2008, Travis has guided business direction, founded local businesses, provided innovative insight to market needs including long term trending and market forecasting through business intelligence. As an esports competitor himself, creating ways to jumpstart the careers of rising talent has become the sole passion and drive behind building Gamrly into what it is today.

Travis Mason

Chief Executive Officer

Jonathan Gargoshian, Co-Founder, and COO of Gamrly, is an avid esports enthusiast with a proven track record of professional experience in the international esports scene dating back as far as 2011. As a serial entrepreneur with an acclimation to pre-boom trends, he identified the writing on the wall with the current growth required within the industry. With a firsthand experience, Jonathan brings the insight and clarity that Gamrly needs into the Esports world. Leaving no stone unturned, Jonathan’s plan is to help rebuild the esports industry from the ground up starting with the players that have been struggling to get noticed and giving them a leg to stand on.

Jonathan Gargoshian

Chief Operating Officer

Company History

Transformations from small ideas are the foundation on which Gamrly is built. Learn about how we came to be where we are today.

Classified Esports Founded – May 2016

Streaming group focused on helping rising talent get discovered.
Focused on talented streamers before talented players.

Team Growth – July 2016

Classified Esports signs Rocket League and CSGO Team.
Future Gamrly Co-Founder, Jonathan Gargoshian, joins with CSGO Team.

The Seed Is Planted – October 2016

CSGO Team Captain, Jonathan Gargoshian, shares an early vision of Gamrly; A portfolio page for gamers to provide their history and accolades.
Gamrly, LLC is Founded by Travis Mason and Jonathan Gargoshian with the goal of helping talent get noticed.

Team Expansion – February 2017

Gamrly executive team connects with industry leaders to discuss technological, marketing, and business intelligence requirements.

Gamrly Gone Global – May 2017

Gamrly Partners with antiFrag, 5 time Point Black International Champions to represent the platform at Point Blank World Championships hosted in Moscow, Russia.

Research Research Research – November 2017

13 Months of extensive market research, competitor analysis, and one on one interviews with industry leaders to determine the industry needs.
The driving force behind Gamrly shifts from portfolios and connections to a one-stop esports portal of features, tools, and connections to create the teams of your dreams.

Build the Cathedral – January 2018

The work begins on building the content and tools. Gamrly’s branding and image re-designed to suit the professional demeanor of the platform.

Time to Shine – March 2018

Gamrly goes live as the first esports platform designed for all community members, not just the players.
Content Creators, streamers, desk talent and gamers given the tools and services to boost their careers and find their path.
All premium features free during Alpha Launch to troubleshoot and receive user feedback.

Our Values


Start With Why

It’s more than just our mission. It’s our keystone to the entire platform. If we always start with why we create what we create, you’ll always receive the best tools and features to boost your career.

Rome Wasn't Built In A Day

It took almost 2 years to fully map out our goals and direction we wanted to take as a company to ensure every door we open lead to somewhere greater. We only release updates and new products when they live up to our own expectations

Simplicity Is King



Be Our Own Users

While selfish on the surface, Gamrly was created for providing something that didn’t already exist in esports. In turn, we don’t only stand behind our products, we use them ourselves.

Respect > Skill

If we learn of our users disrespecting or being abusive towards others they will not be welcome with us. Respecting your peers is just as much a part of professional growth than personal skill.

It Takes A Seed To Grow A Tree

We often find that the smallest of ideas can grow into the greatest of tools. We value all suggestions from our users and often rely on them to target our next focus area of the industry needing some pain relief.

Gamrly, LLC.
PO Box 25043
Charlotte, NC, USA